Matthew Davies

Ali Lauder
Guitars, Vocals

Graham Stewart
Drums, Synths

Previous Members:

Steven Duffus

Nick Herd

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Of Spire & Throne have been playing their own form of doomy, sludgy heaviness since 2009.

The band's first gig was in April of that year with Dead in the Woods, Enhahre and Uncalm at Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh. Shortly after, they began work on their Self-titled demo at Split Level Studios. After a long delay, this was finally released at a gig in October 2010. This was also bass player Nick Herd's last gig with the band.

In September 2011, Of Spire & Throne released their first EP, The Trial of Failure. Consisting of three songs in 30 minutes, this release built upon the sounds explored in the band's demo. This release also introduced new bass player Matt Davies, recruited to the cause earlier that year.

Of Spire & Throne's second EP, Vagary, was released in June 2012. Relentlessly heavy and relentlessly slow, Vagary is a single 21-minute track which furthered the band’s crawling odyssey of scorched doom. In August that year the band ventured outside of Scotland for the first time, playing to audiences in Newcastle and Birmingham as part of a mini-tour.

Following the departure of guitarist Steven Duffus in March 2013, the now three-piece band joined the Netherlands' Ortega for a short UK tour in November of that year. A split-tape of old material from both bands was released through Tartarus Records to coincide with the tour.

In May 2014 Of Spire & Throne released their third EP, Toll of the Wound, in collaboration with New York's Broken Limbs Recordings. This was the first Of Spire & Throne release to be made available on CD, tape, vinyl and download. Containing their most eclectic mix of sounds yet, Toll of the Wound is the band at its most brutal.

The rest of 2014 will take in a small tour of England, Wales and Scotland in November and October, before the band enters the studio in late November to record their first album, due for release in 2015.


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