19th December 2014
13th Note, Glasgow w/ Fly the Friendly, Sapien and Heavy Smoke


    10th October 2014
The Eagle Bar, Inverness w/ Seed of Sorrow, Drekavac and Murderous Instinct

We finally made it to Inverness and had a fantastic gig, possibly the best of the tour despite broken strings and playing in the smallest corner imaginable. Thanks to everyone who came along!

    4th October 2014
Ivory Blacks, Glasgow
w/ Headless Koss, Ikarie XB-1 and Sunsmasher

The Ikarie XB-1 guys sorted this night of heaviness in Ivory Blacks with the best of Glasgow's riff worshippers.

    1st October 2014
The Fenton, Leeds
w/ Wort and Sloth Hammer

A great gig in Leeds courtesy of Ben from Wizard's Beard, brilliant to see Sloth Hammer again and Wort were awesome!

    30th September 2014
Maguire’s Pizza Bar, Liverpool

Our first gig in Liverpool courtesy of Kabir and Phil in a pizza bar no less! Heavy vibes from Brother Earth and a few slices of pepperoni!

    28th September 2014
The Dolls House, Abertillery w/ Clarity As Arson and The Eden Skyline

We had a brilliant night playing our first ever gig in Wales, in the town of Abertillery. The scene was great and really supportive. Huge thanks to everyone for welcoming us!


27th September 2014
The Unicorn Camden, London w/ Sonance, Torpor and Terra


Our first gig in London with a great line-up and lots of great people. Huge thanks to Cheryl for putting on the gig and to Joe at the Unicorn. We hope to return!

(photo: Bruce Cowie)

    26th September 2014
The Northumberland Arms, Newcastle
w/ Neolithic and Oppenheimer

Back to play one of our favourite places, the first time ever with 2 guitar amps. A brutal night of riffs and vibes. Thanks as ever to Jonas and the Newcastle scene, always a great time!

    28th June 2014
The Banshee Labyrinth w/ Primitive Man, Opium Lord and Pyre of the Earth

Big thanks to Will for putting us on the bill for this utterly brutal gig. Primitive Man played one of the most savage sets I've ever seen, extremely nice guys too!

    4th April 2014
13th Note Cafe, Glasgow w/ Ikarie XB-1, Fly the Friendly and Kapil Seshasayee.

The second night in a row with Ikarie XB-1 was even better, and we met some cool new folk. Was great to catch Fly the Friendly with their awesome take on Southern sludge rock.

    3rd April 2014
Bannermans, Edinburgh w/ Ikarie XB-1, Loinstorm and Kapil Seshasayee.

Our pals in Vakun0ht have a new band, Ikarie XB-1, spaced out killer riff rock. It was great to play with them and our pal Tom in Loinstorm as well as Kapil and his one-man tech rock assault!

    21st February 2014
Bannermans Edinburgh w/ Mourning Beloveth, Barshasketh and Atragon

It was great to play with our friends in Barshasketh and Atragon and of course doom legends Mourning Beloveth who were awesome.This was the gig Ali decided that he had to get a second amp after someone complained we weren't loud enough!

(photo: ishootmetal.com, Bruce Cowie)

    1st December 2013
Santiago Bar, Leeds w/ Ortega, Wizard's Beard and Sloth Hammer
Met some great people in Leeds who came out to see the gig and put us up for the night. Sloth Hammer was a crazy experience while Wizard's Beard were brutally heavy. Thanks to Arthur, Paul, Craig and Matt, and thanks to all who come out and helped in any way during the tour.

    30th November 2013
The Head of Steam, Newcastle w/ Ortega and Live Burial
A welcome return to Newcastle and one of the best gigs of the tour - great turnout, great venue, great people. Really enjoyed Live Burial's old-school DM stylings and Ortega levelled the place. Picked up our new t-shirts from Tyrant studios and spent the night after the gig drinking Buckfast and watching Highlander - awesome! Thanks to Jonas, Lee and Andy.

    29th November 2013
The Old Hairdresser,s Glasgow w/ Ortega, Headless Kross, Sunsmasher and Skullwizard

Another rush through traffic meant a late arrival for the second gig of the tour. Ali got stranded on the motorway when he had to jump out of the van to piss after being stuck in traffic for so long, then injured his hand when he fell while sprinting to catch up with the van. Not the best start. A great turnout and great sets from all of the bands helped to make up for it.

    28th November 2013
Opium, Edinburgh w/ Ortega and Jackal-headed Guard of the Dead
Our first gig of our UK tour with Ortega started off as a stressed rush as we battled traffic to get there on time with the gear. JHGOTD played some amazing new stuff from their forthcoming album while Ortega received a warm welcome having returned from the Netherlands after a great gig with us earlier in the year.  We tried out our latest version of a new song which we hadn't played since Yob. Thanks to Will for putting on the gig.

    20th November 2013
The Banshee Labyrinth w/ Crypt Lurker, Coltsblood and Genetic Noose.

Thanks to Ewen for inviting us to play this night of slow horribleness!

(photo: James Speers)

    1st November 2013
Bannermans, Edinburgh w/ Mourning Beloveth, Barshasketh and Atragon.


    11th July 2013
Bannermans, Edinburgh w/ Horse Latitudes, S & M, Eagletomb and Cilice

Our second gig of the year and another which seemed to go well. Despite the heat we made it through without passing out. Thanks to Dan from Wraiths for putting Horse Latitudes in touch with us- great band and cool people.  Enjoyed the heavy wash of S & M and the sludge tones of Eagletomb too. Thanks to soundman Rob at Bannermans and all who watched us play.

    6th April 2013
Opium, Edinburgh w/ Ortega and Atragon

Our first gig since September 2012 and the first since we parted ways with Steve was difficult but it went well. We’d never played Opium before and it’s a great venue, with a clear sound and really helpful, laidback staff.  We hadn’t played in Edinburgh for over a year and it was amazing to get such a positive reaction. Thanks to Dutch ocean doomers Ortega, our new local doom pals in Atragon and everyone else who made it such a great gig.

    1st September 2012
Scruffy Murphy's, Birmingham w/ Eye of Solitude, Hellsworn

Playing in the home of heavy in dedicated rock and metal pub Scruffy Murphy's was amazing, if a little daunting. We had a great time and enjoyed the best onstage sound we've had in a long time. Real nice sound engineers and real nice people all round. Bismuth and Hellsworn were awesome and we had a great gig. A big thanks to everyone who watched our set and bought some merch. Huge thanks to Sirius for putting us on and putting us up. Hope to play in Brum again soon!

    31st August 2012
The Northumberland Arms, Newcastle w/ Cromlech, Basic House

We've not played a lot of gigs by some bands' standards but this was the best gig we've played so far. Great venue, great host, great crowd - thanks to everyone for checking us out and for all the kind words after. A massive thanks to Mr. Jonas Christ for putting us on and putting us up. We had an absolute blast and played a 45 minute set for the first time. Great heavy sounds from Cromlech, Gorean Slave Master and DJ Reverend 33 RPM (amazing idea by the way!). Thanks Newcastle, we hope to be back soon!

    30th August 2012
The Banshee Labyrinth w/ Wraiths, Vessel, Cat Sex, Run Off With Gypsies

Our warm-up gig for the tour featured the local horror of our friends Wraiths, the doomgaze of our friends Vessel and the heavy noise debut of our friend Steve's Cat Sex noise project. It was also the first time we'd seen our new friends in Run Off With Gypsies do their heavy instrumental rituals. A good night and a big thanks to everyone who came along.

    24th March 2012
The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh w/ Lords of Bastard, Vakunøht

Our last gig before a short hiatus was our first in The Wee Red Bar, playing alongside space riffers Vakun0ht and post-punkers Eastern Block. We played our 'fast' tune and our longest, slowest one. Pretty good fun and a good way to wrap things up before we switched focus to the studio. Thanks to Vakun0ht's Tom for asking us to play.

    12th October 2011
Bannermans, Edinburgh w/ Yob, Kongh and Dark Castle
Working in unison with local extreme metal promoters and good friends Eilean Dubh, we managed to bring the awesome Yob to Edinburgh! To open for a band of that calibre and to meet with such gracious and friendly folks was nothing short of a dream come true. We only hope they come back!

    21st July 2011
Bannermans Edinburgh, Edinburgh w/ Secta Rouge,El Schlong Fatalist

As a special one-off, our friend Will helped us out on second guitar for this gig as Steve was still away. From what I remember, we played Vagary and a then-untitled Cascading Shard. 

    3rd June 2011
Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh w/ VakunØht, Oceansfal
Well this was a new experience for us. As Steve was away in Australia we played as a 3-piece, stripping our songs down and just bashing on with it. The show started late and I think we were on at 11.30 so it was a pretty crazy experience playing to a crowd of 3 pissed-up punks. Another highlight was the middle-aged dapper-looking guy going fucking mental. Great sounds from VakunØht too!
    7th April 2011
The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh w/ Wraiths, Barshasketh, Red Death, Sunsmasher.

Matt's second gig with us was one Ali put together. We had our old bass player Nick on the bill with his Red Death ambient noise project, black metal rippers Barshasketh, Glasgow sludge destroyers Sunsmasher in what was possibly their first Edinburgh gig and the amazing Wraiths closing the night in a swirl of hellish noise.

    3rd April 2011
The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh w/ Secta Rouge, Haar, Black Talon
This fun mix of bands was Matt's first gig with us and it went rather well. It was also our first taste of the mighty Black Talon, probably Edinburgh's best live band! Thrash!

    30th October 2010
The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh w/ That's What the Old Man Said and He Never Came Back, Acatalepsy, Sufferinfuck
This was the release gig for our demo and meant two sets for Graham and Ali as Graham did a one-man set with just his guitar and a drum machine as That's What the Old Man Said and He Never Came Back and Ali did a set with Acatalepsy. It was also the first gig Ali put on himself (he did the spectacularly crap poster too) and was sadly our last with founding member Nick on bass. A great night and thanks to anyone who bought a demo!

    24th October 2010
Bannermans, Edinburgh, Blood of Christ Festival w/ Lazarus Blackstar, Ghast, Volition, Burial, Battalians, Haar, Jackal-headed Guard of the Dead
Opening this festival of doom, sludge and black metal was an amazing experience which we prepared a new song for (our next release due 2012). There's a video from this gig somewhere.

    19th February 2010
Bannermans, Edinburgh w/ Lords of Bastard, Jackal-headed Guard of the Dead
One of if not our first gig of 2010. This marked our first ever live performance of Steeped in Ruin.

    7th November 2009
Bannermans, Edinburgh w/ The Process, Shields Up, Uncalm
This gig was a little odd, opening for 3 hardcore bands (I think the Process' Gav had asked us to be added to the bill) and resulting in us getting paid £50! That's a LOT for us by the way. Another one to be grateful to Cold Dead Hands for!

    5th November 2009
Bannermans, Edinburgh w/ Lazarus Blackstar, Electrozombies, Gruel and Jackal-headed Guard of the Dead
A Great show and our first playing with one of our favourite bands, Lazarus Blackstar! We kept it particularly slow and grim.

    31st October 2009
Behind the Light
An eclectic mix of avant-garde sounds and us performing under the name Of Spire and DrO)))ne playing an improvised set of droning noise/OS&T riffs which several different sources have since confirmed to us was truly awful. Sorry folks! Graham couldn't make it so we dressed up as King Diamond (Ali), Lemmy from Motorhead (Steve) and Nick playing himself for this Halloween extravaganza of fail.    
    15th September 2009
Stereo, Glasgow w/ Kayo Dot, Atomized and La Guerre
Our next gig in Glasgow was certainly better than the night before and we got some cool feedback. Graham was asked to drum for Kayo Dot whose drummer wasn't able to enter the UK.    
    14th September 2009
Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh w/ Kayo Dot, Manatees and Jackie Treehorn
After the high of The Cocoon Fest, we butchered Loss Ritual during our sorry set which included one horribly out of tune string. Win some lose some.

    12th September 2009
GRV, Edinburgh w/ Jesu, Crippled Black Phoenix, Cut Hands, Anni Hogan, Wraiths, Project Serendipity, etc.
One of our best gigs, we opened the two day Cocoon Festival of art and music with the live debut of Loss Ritual. The PA in the GRV was massive and we were knocking things off tables during soundcheck. Possibly the hugest we've ever sounded.

    13th August 2009
Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh w/ LSD and Deadotter
Totally last minute, we played this gig to three punters (all of whom had come to see us, 2 of them being Will and Chris who Ali would later join to complete death metal alchemists Acatalepsy). They only had one cab despite promising us 2, so we had to hook up a little 30 watt practice amp and just bash it out. Free practice if nothing else!

    8th August 2009
The Halt Bar, Glasgow
This free 2-day festival was put together by The Cosmic Dead’s James McKay. We played the first night, our first ever gig in Glasgow, while Graham returned the next night to play guitar with his Earth-inspired band That’s What The Old Man Said And He Never Came Back. We played after the amazingly good Wounded Knee and had a great time. One random thing I remember was lots of people bringing baked treats to share which was pretty cool.

    14th July 2009
The Ark, Edinburgh with Vessel, Ian Ryan and Brainz in Jarz
This show was notable for its eclectic mix of doom trips and electropop dancing. Spewing out our misery over Edinburgh's Princes Street in the sunny early evening was less odd than playing with Ian Ryan, a one-man extravaganza of beats and electro vibes. He was an absolute gent and great at what he does, it was extremely cool to play on the same bill with someone so different.    
    27th April 2009
Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh w/ Echidna, Valpurga and Arcane Corps
This gig was all very last minute and had us on the bill with Greek death metal act Echidna. The promoter was new to putting on gigs so hadn't really spread the word, so unfortunately the turnout was quite low.


12th April 2009 (1st gig): Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh w/ Dead in the Woods, Enhahre and Uncalm

Our first show was put on by the legendary Cold Dead Hands collective. Edinburgh's amazing DIY gig putter-on-ers, who mostly dealt in punk and hardcore. The gig was memorable for all of the welcome support and encouragement we got and unfortunately for Ali's rubbish old guitar losing its distortion ability. The final half of The Final Piece was played with clean guitar and sounded awful. Spiral Tap!