Our new album, Sanctum in the Light, is now available on CD through Aesthetic Death. Cassette and vinyl will be available soon from Tartarus Records (CS) and Tatterdemalion Records (DLP).

Visit our Bandcamp page to listen or order a copy.


We've begun work on our first full-length, due for release in 2015. We're working with Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studios. Our last gig of the year will be in Glasgow on 19 December.
See the gigs section for more info.


We're heading out on tour at the end of the month in support of Toll of the Wound. We'll be playing Newcastle, London, South Wales, Liverpool, Leeds, Inverness and Glasgow.
See the gigs section for more info.


Toll of the Wound is now available to buy directly from us on vinyl for £10 and CD for £5. More details can be found here. CDs and vinyl are both available from Hogs Head Music in Edinburgh. If you live in the US you're best to order directly from Broken Limbs Recordings in New York to save on shipping costs.

MARCH 2014

It's been a long time coming but we can finally announce that we will be releasing a new EP, 'Toll of the Wound', on 13th May 2014. Three songs in 30 minutes and available on CD, tape and vinyl! Very happy to say that TOTW will be co-released with Broken Limbs Recordings, based in New York. More details to follow!

In the meantime, check out BLR's website and some of the awesome releases they've put out to date.


We will be supporting Mourning Beloveth in Edinburgh on 21st February. Please see the gigs section for more details. We're currently putting together more gigs and small tours for 2014.

We have new Merchandise available including our UK tour 2013 split tape with Ortega, new t-shirts and patches.

Thanks to Bruce Cowie for this live video of a new as-yet-untitled instrumental from our last tour.


We will be touring at the end of the month with Dutch ocean doomers Ortega, taking in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle and Leeds. Please see the gigs section for more details.


We are very pleased to announce that we will be supporting doom/death legends Mourning Beloveth in Edinburgh on 1st November. See the gigs section for more details.

JULY 2013

We have parted ways with Steve and will play as a three-piece from now on. We wish to thank Steve for being a part of a band and for everything he contributed to our music.

Thanks to all who came to see us play in April with Ortega and this month with Horse Latitudes. We don't have any more gigs lined up at the moment but work continues on our next release. We hope to put together a small UK tour later in the year. Thanks to everyone for your support.

MARCH 2013

We have a gig coming up on Saturday April 6th with Ortega and Atragon at Opium.


You can now read the interview By This Axe I Rule! did with Ali in the Press section. It's been made with care and attention, has lots of great interviews and reviews and the layout is awesome. If you're interested please pick up a copy, it's a great read and it's super cheap! Big thanks again to David for the interview.

Read it here. Buy it here.


You can now get our CDs and t-shirts through Todestrieb, a UK-based underground distro and record label. They've got lots of stuff to buy and are well worth checking out. They recently signed our friends in black metal bands Haar and Barshasketh too. A huge thanks to Todestrieb for their support of Of Spire & Throne and the Edinburgh scene!

You can visit our page on Todestrieb here.


TOUR DATES! We'll be heading out on our first mini tour from the 30th August, including our first gigs outside of Scotland. You can catch us in Edinburgh, Sunderland and Birmingham. See the Gigs page for more info.

Also, we're featured in an interview in the first issue of new heavy zine 'By This Axe I Rule!' A5, 52 pages, 3 euros from here.

The zine is packed with great interviews and reviews. Every page has been put together with care and attention, a highly recommended read!

JUNE 2012

Our new EP, Vagary, is now available in CD or download form. One track, 21 minutes, £2. Please see our Merchandise page for more information.

MAY 2012

Coming soon...

APRIL 2012

We've been working on our next release since March. One 21 minute song, available on CD and download through our Band Camp page. It's close to being ready and should be available soon. Check back here for updates.

MARCH 2012

Of Spire & Throne are proud to announce their first gig of the new year! To be held at The Wee Red Bar (Edinburgh College of Art) on Saturday the 24th of March. Headlining this night will be Lords of Bastard and Vakunøht. Please note that doors open at 7pm, with a stage time of 7.30pm. £4.


Just want to say that I hope everyone's last day of 2011 rules and that everyone has a great 2012. Thank you to everyone who came to see us play, wrote a review, wrote a blog, interviewed us, posted about us on forums, just plain wrote about us somewhere, bought, downloaded or shared any of our stuff, spread the word or just sent good vibes our way.

We really appreciate all of your support, and the great feedback we've had this year has been amazing. A lot of real nice things said about us, sold a good few copies of our new EP, sold some shirts, a new website, played with one of the greatest doom bands ever (and one of my favourite bands - talking about YOB!) and made a lot of new friends. Ups all year, not very doom, but fuck it, eh? We've had a great year! Here's to another! Hope to see lots of you in 2012!


T-shirts have now arrived. We have male grey on black and black on green (S/M/L/XL), and female black on grey and grey on black (M/L) and they're £5 each plus postage. Please see our Big Cartel page for more details.


The new Of Spire & Throne website has launched. You can check back here for information on our upcoming gigs and releases.

Our new EP The Trial of Failure was released on September 24th 2011. It features 3 tracks in 30 minutes and costs £3. You can order physical copies or download it from our Band Camp page (where you can also download our Self-titled demo). If you are interested in reviewing it please get in contact with us via our facebook page or email (ofspireandthrone@hotmail.co.uk).