May 2014

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Broken Limbs

Toll of the Wound

1. Legacy (09.58)
2. Tower of Glass (08.02)
3. Cascading Shard (12.48)

'Tower of Glass' recorded by Guillaume Martin at DIY, Edinburgh (March-May 2013). 'Legacy' and 'Cascading Shard' recorded by Graeme Young at Chamber Studio, Edinburgh (October 2013). Mixed by Graeme Young. Mastered by James Plotkin.

Ali Lauder Guitar / Vocals, Matt Davies Bass, Graham Stewart Drums /
Piano / Organ
Guest tuba on 'Tower of Glass' - Howard Mummery

The result of a lot of trial and error, we recorded Toll of the Wound ourselves (with the help of our friend Guillaume Martin) three times before salvaging 'Tower of Glass' and heading to Chamber Studio in Edinburgh to record 'Legacy' and 'Cascading Shard' with Graeme Young.

A brutal mix of sounds and styles, Toll of the Wound represents a difficult time for the band tied into central themes of strength & weakness and self-evaluation.

"...It’s easy to compare the Edinburgh band to Conan, as its brand of doom metal is similarly blunt and pulverizing, but what makes this new EP so interesting is how it slowly sets itself apart, from the minimalist brilliance of “Tower of Glass” to the surprisingly stately “Cascading Shard”. This is a band to keep an eye on..." ~ review by Adrien Bergrand at Decibel

"...Sure to be one of the few releases this year truly worthy of the word crushing..." ~ review by Ross McKendrick at Echoes and Dust

"...I always thought they could be something intriguing and special. With Toll Of The Wound they have assured me they are..." ~ review by Gizmo at Ave Noctum

"...the new Toll of the Wound EP is even better than the other two, so stupidly heavy in its grimy Process of Guilt/Morne kind of way that it almost prevents us from actually ever moving again..." ~ review by Jose Carlos Santos at Terrorizer


November 28th 2013

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Serpents and Thrones

Side Serpents (ORTEGA) :
1. Ortega - When Fire Meets Fire (07:08)      
2. Ortega - The Entity (10:10)      
3. Ortega - Ritual (10:14)     
4. Ortega - The Serpent Stirs (18:11)    

Side Thrones (OF SPIRE & THRONE) :
5. Of Spire & Throne - Loss Ritual (10:16)      
6. Of Spire & Throne - Steeped in Ruin (11:35)      
7. Of Spire & Throne - Vagary (21:10)      


To coincide with our Winter 2013 tour with Ortega, Richard of Ortega released this split tape through his tape label Tartarus Records. Limited to 50 copies.


June 26th 2012

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Big Cartel


1. Vagary (21.10)

Recorded and mixed with Ali Moniack at Arcadia Audio, Edinburgh, March-May 2012

Steven Duffus Guitar, Ali Lauder Guitar / Vocals, Matt Davies Bass, Graham Stewart Drums

Returning to work with Ali at Arcadia we put down the skeleton of Vagary in a few hours. Although pressed for time, we feel we managed to capture a raw sound and the relentless nature of the song.

While technically a (very long) single, we felt that Vagary worked best as a standalone release.

"...It is a fascinating and engrossing twenty minutes; it’s as though you have been hiding, holding your breath in the dark as something monolithic slowly slouched past you on the way to whatever drew it on. You are uncertain if it was mechanical or organic or some twisted mutation of both but it was there and there was the unmistakeable glistening of black intellect in its passing. There is the unavoidable sense of foreboding with this style of music, but Vagary never makes you want to look away, it almost compels you to watch and replay the moment..." ~ review by Gizmo at Ave Noctum


September 24th 2011

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Big Cartel

The Trial of Failure

1. Loss Ritual (10.15)
2. Steeped in Ruin (11.35)
3. Ruin (08.37)

Recorded with Ali Moniack at Shore Sounds / Arcadia May-August 2011

Steven Duffus Guitar, Ali Lauder Guitar / Vocals, Matt Davies Bass, Graham Stewart Drums / Synthesiser

The result of a long preparation period, The Trial of Failure was recorded in our rehearsal space at Shore Sounds with Ali Moniack of Arcadia. Benefiting from the experience of our demo and gigs, it sounds more confident and accomplished than our demo. The starkest contrast, apart from the different style of songs, is certainly Matt's massive fuzzed out bass tone.

While Loss Ritual and Steeped in Ruin were drilled to memory, instrumental piece Ruin was an improvised experiment featuring Graham's monophonic synthesiser. Originally intended to be a few minutes long and edited down from the original jam, we were so pleased with what we came up with we kept the piece in its entirety.

"...It's been quite a while since I was this impressed by such a slow, pumelling piece of thick, droning doom. This band clearly knows what they are doing, and they're doing it damn good..." ~ review by Robin at Stonerobixxx

"...This is true doom-metal taken to its ultimate extreme and it is immensely satisfying..." ~ review by Ed at Doommantia


30th October 2010

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Self-titled demo

1. Through Time & Light (11.45)
2. The Final Piece (15.31)

Recorded with Neil McNaught at Split Level Studios in mid 2009

Steven Duffus Guitar, Nick Herd Bass, Ali Lauder Guitar / Vocals,
Graham Stewart

Bashed out in 2 days, our demo is flecked with mistakes and hampered by single tracks of guitar but manages to capture the band's raw heart and heaviness. Originally released as a CDR in a card case.

"...while Of Spire & Throne exhibit a variety of influences, their style is completely their own. I consider this a worthwhile achievement in such a derivative genre as doom metal..." ~ review by Berkay Arkan at Diabolical Conquest